Bi-Polar Girl Resources

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Information on Bi-Polar Disorder exists in three main formats:

  • Electronically on websites and forums
  • Pamphlet/Leaflet formats - on paper (such as the NHS)
  • In books, either medical or personal experience.

Some of these books are available in print, others as e-books. Or both.


Write 'Bi-Polar Disorder' in a Google search and you will be inundated with results. The problem is that quantity is not necessarily quality. Having spent a great deal of time looking around the internet, the best site I have come across from the user/sufferer/family point of view is John McManamy's .

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I really like the list of 10 Common Myths about Clinical Depression written by Angela Peterson who is from Houston in the USA.

Although it is written by an American for an American audience, the points Angela makes are totally valid for anybody in our western world and probably Australia as well.

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Should you wish to obtain information about Bi-Polar Disorder from the NHS, please be aware that the following booklets are available free of charge:

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