Welcome to the Bi-Polar Girl site

Welcome to the Bi-Polar Girl website. This is the place where you can have fun learning about Bi-Polar Disorder or indeed living with BPD.

I realise that fun is not usually associated with mental illness - and that's a shame because (let's face it) dealing with mental illness is DEPRESSING! It is too devastatingly serious not to laugh with it.

Bi-Polar Girl was born from my desire to

  • bring a smile into the waiting rooms of psychiatric clinics and hospitals with  the little cartoon books you can purchase on this site as eBooks
  • lift the spirit of people who work in mental health because theirs is challenging work
  • open a realistic, authentic and yet hopeful window on the future for the poor souls who are traveling the same road I travelled and am still travelling
  • give a bit of relief to those who love someone affected by a mental illness.

I suppose you could summarise all that by saying that cheeky little Bi-Polar Girl aims to CHALLENGE current perception and understanding of what a mental illness is.

Bi-Polar Girl was given a face by my talented son Greg who is (among other things) a graphic artist and himself suffers with BPD.

This site was built for me by my wonderful husband Richard, he who knows about all things internet and makes it so easy for me to use.

This is YOUR site as much as mine so please feel free to leave comments - don't be afraid to disagree with what I write in my blog or what I say in my videos if this is how you truly feel. YOUR truth is as precious and valid as mine.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, may you find your way back to laughter :D