Announcement: Exciting Guest Blogger

I am thrilled to announce that Karen Tyrell, author of Me and Her - A Memoir of Madness will be guesting on this blog on 17th May as part of Karen's International Blog Tour:

ME & HER Blog Tour 14th - 20th May

14th MayKaz Delaney- Writing Inspiration

                Prachi S.Vaish - Psychologist -

15th MayTuesday Writing Tips- Writing Memoirs

            Dr Happy – Happiness after the Gloom

16th MaySally Odgers - Writing & Editing Process

17th MayGabrielle Sheppard,UK - Bipolar Recovery

18th MayNatasha Tracy, Canada - Writing for Recovery

19th MayJill Smith- Book Review & Interview

           Kids Book Review- Mental Health Books 4 Kids

20th MayAng Hall - ME & HER Book Review-

I look forward to Karen's answer to the few questions I asked her on my readers' behalf. I also believe there will be the opportunity to win two free copies of Karen's new e-book when it is published  :0)

You can visit Karen at her website


Hi Gabrielle,  Thanks so much

Hi Gabrielle,

 Thanks so much for  your awesome support over the years.One mental health advocate to another!!


Thanks too for announcing my upcoming blog tour.

Can't wait to answer yours and your eaders questions next week.

Take care ... Karen x

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