Personal Ecology

Gabrielle reading a book

Personal Ecology is a proprietary model of human behaviours which has been developed over the last four years by Human Ecology through research at Oxford University.

Personal Ecology models human behaviours against seven dimensions:

  1. Self-definition
  2. Self-expansion
  3. Self-presentation
  4. Trust
  5. Empathy
  6. Information processing
  7. Control

If I describe the excellent work carried out by Oxford University as a map with seven interlocking territories, my own definition of Personal Ecology is the management of the fuel we use to travel across those territories. There is much more to the management of that fuel than knowing where the filling-stations are located on the map, important as that is.

The management of our Internal Energy (our fuel) is also about:

  • Learning how to drive economically
  • Knowing when burning fuel serves us well and when it burns us
  • Having an accurate fuel gauge and knowing how to read it
  • Knowing our tank capacity and knowing how far we can travel on a full tank
  • Learning when to switch cars
  • Knowing when not to drive.

The coaching process is ideally suited to supporting and guiding others toward discovering their own unique Energy Intelligence.

Energy Intelligence has a massive impact on our lives, our health, our careers, our families. This is a lesson I have learnt from my own experience. I am keen for others to learn this lesson without the heavy price that was attached to my learning. 

A few more websites you may wish to have a look at that have a connection with Personal Ecology (in the sense that is relevant to coaching rather than to the conservation of our planet):

Hollyhock Leadership Institute:  Ten Ways to Relax on the Go - many see Personal Ecology as synonym to good stress management.

J Stor Social Forces:  introduces the concepts of personal Mobility and Fluidity - this is an 'intellectual' approach to Personal Ecology.

Straightforward:  an NLP-based approach to building Self-Esteem - many see personal Ecology as synonym to building high self-esteem.