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Hi Gabrielle

What a fantastic website, very personal, (love the videos).  We have had excellent feedback from your "talk" at the college and wondered if you would support us again in the future.  I have forwarded your e-mail with details of the website to all of our staff.

Take care

Carole Taylor

Thank you Carole

Thank you for your encouragement Carole - it means a great deal to me and I would be delighted to support you and your team any time :0)


Dear Gabriella

Congratulations on a great site!  Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.  Everyone in life suffers their own trials and tribulations and may God Bless you and make each day more fulfilling for you, in knowing you are giving something back to others.  Sharing your experiences is comforting for many people, and enlightening for others who have close family and friends suffering from mental illness.

God Bless U.


Thank you Jenny

You're a darling - thank you so much (and good Luck with the job hunting! xxx


Hi Gabrielle! Wonderful to hear from you again. I wish you all the joy and health you desire for yourself, your family and friends. I thank you too for my share of your heartfelt wishes. God be with you. Love Pauline

Thank you Pauline

Your comment means a great deal to me :0) xxx

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