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Recently, I received the opportunity to participate in a Mental Health Directorate public Consultation. For the sake of all Mental Health Services users, I thought it was important for me to make my comments public.

This is what I wrote:

Dear Ms xxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for sending me a copy of the Consultation papers for the Redesign of Mental Outreach and Day Services. I appreciate the opportunity to comment.

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As my hubby was sitting next to me, driving along in the wintry sunshine, I had a light-bulb moment. Just like that. Out of the blue. It suddenly occurred to me that my bi-polar disorder was a powerful physical metaphor for my 'Emotional Swing-o-Metre'.

I have spoken many times of the monster that lived inside my father and that could switch him from a warm loving daddy into a dangerous violent one. This was how I used to experience my father's own bi-polar disorder as a child.

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My hubby often says to me when he walks into the kitchen: "you're cooking up a storm in here!" and I love that expression of his. It gives the word storm a very positive meaning for me, as opposed to the awful feeling of being in the storm of bi-polar depression. Also, I enjoy the feeling of 'cooking up a storm' because it is full of energy.

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I am in clearing/cleaning mode this week. I suddenly feel the urge to clear my office out. I feel the need to reorganise my books and to re-read them. Considering how many books I own, all that re-reading should keep me busy for a good long while.

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As I had finished writing to my Bi-Polar Depression, I felt another letter knocking at the door of my thinking. As it won't go away, I think it best for me to take action: in order to complete my personal healing correspondence I also need to write a letter to my medication.  So here goes.

Dear Medication

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Lots of BIG questions marks above small figure of me

I have been quiet these past few days because writing has been beyond my capacity. Another 'interesting' time was had by my hubby and me....

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Gabrielle running away like mad

I have been looking at blogs/social sites that are dedicated to depression to see what others write about it and to learn from them.

For most of those blogs/social sites, I read repetitive entries from the same people over and over again and I am ready to go and slash my wrists. My energy collapses and I feel 'depressed' in the every day sense of the word.

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Gabrielle tearing her hair out

The last  few days can be viewed as a total disaster or as a bit of a joke. It depends on how I am able to think and feel about it.

I leave you to judge for yourself.

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