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Gabrielle laughing her head off

One evening whilst I was still on my 'holding' medication (the tranquilising stuff), my hubby taught me how to tag my blog entries. Tagging helps readers find entries under headings that are of particular interest to them. For example, some of my tags are:

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Gabrielle laughing out loud

Throughout the last two years, I have learnt (if I didn't already know it) that to try and distract yourself from deep depression doesn't work. 'Oh look at the lovely sky or think of something nice' doesn't help when you are held in the claws of deep clinical depression. That would be like putting disinfectant onto a leper's skin to make him or her feel better. Waste of time... AND somewhat insulting too.

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Gabrielle carrying the world on her back

In the intellectual and emotional intelligence stakes, I consider myself to be reasonably well equipped.  In the physical intelligence department, I am a dullard, an ignoramus, a Physical Idiot.

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