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Gabrielle yelling at the telephone

As I was lying in bed stroking my cat, I started thinking. That's always a dangerous thing for me to be doing :0).

For some reason, I thought of our human society and how our social systems exist mainly for one purpose: to Contain and Control. I could put it this way:

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Gabrielle surrounded by dark voices

I woke up this morning with very dark thoughts populating my head: thoughts of hopelessness and self-destruction. They go something like this:

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Gabrielle smiling in profile

I am in a strange mood today.  There should be nothing unusual there since, officially, I suffer from a 'mood disorder' and I guess that should mean I experience 'strange' moods on a regular basis.

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Gabrielle's worried stressed eyes

Hello! Your friendly neighbourhood psychotic here :0). I am still feeling the aftershock of last Sunday's PE. In this case, I mean feeling psychologically and emotionally, more than feeling physically.

What am I feeling? Quite a powerful mixture:

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Gabrielle underneath a rain co

Why do I always find it so difficult to cry when I feel very low? What is stopping me from letting the tears flow?

As I let myself ponder these questions, a few thoughts are making their appearance thus:

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Gabrielle looking at the sunshine

I feel moved to write this short account of what has happened to me over the past few years.

I am not sure what my intention is exactly but I feel it is three-fold:

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