A Valentine's Day Message to my Brain

As I was laying in bed wide awake until four o'clock this morning, I got to thinking about my brain and what it would mean for me to really LOVE it.  I would then have to love both the hardware of my brain (the grey organ itself) and the software of my brain (my thoughts and my emotions).

Let's start with the hardware. What would I need to do to take the best possible care of my organic brain? From all I have read on the subject, necessary action falls under two categories:

  • Avoiding toxic stuff
  • Eating nutritious stuff.

I can honestly say I am very good at avoiding toxic stuff. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I drink very little tea and coffee, and I don't 'do' drugs either. In fact, I have already said that my idea of heaven is never having to take any drugs of any kind at all.

I understand that it is important for me to avoid 'toxic' behaviour from other people. You know the kind: cynical, jealous, destructive and feeding on drama. I am good at that too.

I am not bad at feeding my brain nutritious stuff. I cook from fresh ingredients every day and I have no trouble keeping up with my 'Five a Day'. Having said that, I have also realised that this is not enough. Thanks to Holi, my lovely step-daughter, I have learnt a lot more about good nutrition than is publicly available. As a result, I have decreased the proportion of animal protein I eat and replaced the missing bit with beans and pulses. I also take a vitamin and mineral supplement because, contrary to common wisdom, these days even a 'good' diet is poor in essential nutrients simply because the soil we grow our food in is itself poor. Even fertilisers only replace a minute proportion of what a nourished soil contains and only a nourished soil produces nourishing food.

I understand the importance of fish oils so I consume sardines, mackerel, salmon and trout regularly. I love fish so that isn't much of an imposition on me. On top of that, I take two teaspoons of organic Flax Seed Oil, the most awful tasting liquid I have ever had the misfortune of sticking into my mouth. Yuk!

Exercise in the form of a good brisk walk is great at oxygenating the old grey matter. I walk whenever I can.

I am sure there are more things I could do to keep the cogs of my brain hardware turning so I'll keep learning :0)

On to the software. I know that keeping my thoughts 'clean' (i.e. positive) is relatively easy for me. I am aware of my thinking processes and I can redirect them when necessary. Those years of life coaching have really paid off!

I also know that my ability to control my thoughts is a double-edged sword. I am now very careful not to plaster positive thinking on top on deep negative feeling. In Having a GOOD Cry, I describe the process I take myself through to avoid papering over the cracks, so to speak. The most valuable thing I have learnt from my illness is to allow myself to feel what I feel which I now understand is NOT the same as wallowing in negativity.

Traditionally, the brain has been associated with rationality and logic - which of course is true - but I am convinced we make a big mistake when we do not fully acknowledge its powerful emotional power and content at its deep level.

I have also learnt in the hardest possible way that I need to listen to my body. I ignored stresses and pains for years, and I paid the price for it. If my body complains, I listen - for my body's sake AND also for my brain because I now understand that what 'manifests' physically started in my mind, i.e. in my emotions and in my thoughts. Practice makes perfect and I keep on practising.

All in all, I don't do too bad a job of loving my brain BUT I do have tendency to notice all the things my brain doesn't do so well (such as remembering facts/names/dates and finding my way around) and take for granted all the things my brains does brilliantly.

I am going to change this RIGHT NOW. From this point onwards, I am going to treat my brain like the precious organ it is and give it lots of acknowledgement, recognition and praise.

Dear brain, I love you :D

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