The Power of Pink


People who know me well will tell you that I am not a girlie person - I never was. In this sense, I suppose many would say I am 'atypical'.  I don't eat chocolate and I would rather shove needles in my eyes than watch Sex and the City. I have only one girlie trait: I love shoes...

Not only that but I like men. I don't mean just sexually (although I like them that way too!), I mean that I value masculinity. Not the two-dimensional cardboard-cut-out macho masculinity of abdominal six-packs, beer six packs (the latter usually mutually exclusive with the former), football chants and fast cars. I mean the masculinity of honour, service, high ideals and low pride - in short, the profoundly powerful masculinity I am surrounded by in my family, and amongst my male friends and my male coaching colleagues.

So what has all this to do with Pink Skills and Pink Expertise ? My friend and top coach Lynette Allen (you may remember her name from previous references) has recently launched a campaign to encourage women to use their natural talents in business. When Lynette asks me to contribute to her wonderful newsletters and blogs I always respond with great enthusiasm. Why? Because she is a totally authentic woman who encourages authentic women to run their lives and their businesses, not as pale emasculated quasi-masculine clones, but as full-blooded strong-hearted sharp-minded WOMEN. (You can tell I feel strongly about this!). It's time for man-hating Feminism to evolve into woman-loving Womanism (and Manism, Childism, OAPism and Planetism while I am at it).

I put it to you that an important reason why Hilary Clinton lost the democratic nomination in the US (even if there were other reasons) was because she came across as a 'she-man' - she was inauthentic. As a result, many women - and many non-misogynistic men - did not trust her. Compare that to Michelle Obama. The new First Lady is a WOMAN - not afraid of standing in her husband's shadow because she throws light on him whilst shining herself. Only an authentic woman can do that.

I have never been a fan of telling men to get in touch with their feminine side because this presupposes that the masculine is incapable of feeling love and compassion. A man incapable of love and compassion may be a male but he is not a Human Being.  Humanity is our most common core and at our core we are all Pink. I have come to respect Pink: it is the colour of a healthy skin irrigated by a healthy heart. It is the colour of a healthy tongue too. I remember in the dark days of my illness being aghast at the greyish face and pale grey tongue I saw in the mirror. Health wise, Pink is where it's at

Lynette is right: we need more Pink in business. Had there been more Pink in the City, maybe our financial systems would not be in their current mess. We also need more Pink in the world. I am not advocating a return to communism but I am saying that in rejecting Red we might well have thrown out the proverbial Pink baby with the political and economical bath water. Too much control may be stifling but not enough conscience is catastrophic, as the current crisis is proving . I am tired of the old red or blue: I want to see a Pink Party - Lynette take note!

And by the way, in the western world, men's near terrified avoidance of Pink is uniquely Anglo-Saxon. Continental designers such as St Laurent, Cardin, Hermes and Dolce Gabbana (to name but a few) have long produced shirts, ties and sweaters for men in a dazzling kaleidoscope of Pink hues. Pink does not have to mean 'gay', even if Pink is big enough to encompass all sexual orientations AND both genders.

As far as I am concerned, Pink Power gets my vote every time :0)  OK Lynette - what's next?....

Hear hear!

As a man.... I have to say I completely agree with this post. Wonderfully put.... go get 'em Pinkes!

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