Open for Business

Following my life-changing lunch with the lovely Nicola, I have become A lady What Does Lunch. (The bad grammar is intentional - for some reason, it makes me laugh to say it like that. It doesn't take much to amuse me these days....) Socialising feels like a real victory for me because I remember a time (and, if I am honest, there are still days) when all the tea in China would not get me out of the house and would not get me to talk to anybody.

To make matters MUCH better, I have the extraordinary good fortune of having my neighbour Jan. Jan is amazing in many ways. Not only does she always take great care of our little neighbourhood community, but she has a superb sense of style coupled with a generosity that would put saints to shame. To increase my good fortune further, Jan lost a lot of weight recently AND she is in my age group.

What has all this to do with the Ladies What do Lunch? EVERYTHING. Have you ever experienced this most awful of feelings when you have been invited out and nothing in your wardrobe fits you? Whether you are a man or a woman, this is not a good place to be, especially if your clothing budget just about stretches to a new pair of socks or tights every six months or so... Well, that's me right now - a wardrobe full of size 14 clothes and a size 18 body. On one level, I don't care: so long as I feel well, my weight doesn't bother me, even if it bothers my back, my knees and my feet. However, it does bother me a great deal when I am invited it out and all I can fit into is my old stretched out underwear (and even that can get a little tricky - after all, I do need to breathe!).

And so, my wonderful Jan came to the rescue, not with one outfit but...... are you ready for this....... a whole collection of outfits!!!! Being the stylish icon she is, all of Jan's clothes are a delight to look at and a joy to wear. Not only that, but they are comfortable too. I was so thrilled to have new clothes that I even splashed out on new underwear, the kind that squeezes your bulge into a smooth tighter version of your unconstrained self. When I wear one of Jan's outfits, people tell me that I look great AND that I have lost weight! (Even with the underwear, Jan's advice was priceless [pun intended], saving me loads of money by recommending a discount shop in the town).

There's no stopping me now. The minute I feel up to it and I can find the slightest excuse to dress up, I take great delight in getting ready. I have never before spent a couple of hours getting ready to go out. I used to favour the 'efficient' 10 minutes job. Now, I enjoy every second of the process. I don't recognise myself.

As a result of Jan's generosity, I can look forward to my filling my Social Carnet, feeling confident that I don't have to turn up in my dressing gown or looking like a geriatric punk for all the safety pins holding my stretched distressed clothing over my bulging body.

The Renovations period is over folks! I am now Open for Business, for the business of living, of laughing, of loving.

On the days when the Business of Life is more challenging than others, I open the doors of my wardrobe and I look forward to ringing my lovely Jan's front door bell and showing her how happy I am that she has enabled me to be my very own supersize model :0)


My darling - you always did have an AMAZING sense of style, so be sure to remember it's not JUST the clothes but how you wear them too, I'm guessing your own sense of style has gone NOWHERE!!

Lynette - The Life Behind the


I feel sooo much better now :0)

Thank you Lynette - I feel soooo much better about my ample frame now that I have read your comment :0)  G xxx

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