One End or the Other...

Please Note: some people may find some of the contents offensive.

Well now, recovery can take a few interesting turns: just as I was getting used to my new medication cocktail, I received an intriguing letter from the main hospital (New Cross) in the town where I live. I knew it could not have anything to do with my treatment for bi-polar since all psychiatric appointments take place at Penn Hospital. All I knew was that I had an appointment scheduled with a certain Dr E. - never heard of him or her.

As there was nothing on the letter that identified anything specific, I assumed it was a follow-up from the biopsies I'd had done in my right breast three years ago and I turned up for my appointment.  When I got there, I found out that I was attending the clinic of a colo-rectal specialist!  Bit of a shock, but I was told that I had been referred by my GP. Now, that's typical of my excellent GP: she never leaves any stones unturned. The specialist was a delightful man who explained that, at my age, it was best to make sure the Colofac I had been taking to ease my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) was not 'masking' something more sinister. He asked for my permission to proceed with the internal examination. I agreed, and so off I went to have a long tube inserted up my rear end with lots of air being pumped in. I made interesting 'music' for the rest of the day. Since then, I have also undergone the 'full works' with a Barium Enema. This experience has re-defined what it is for me to have an upset stomach. Absolutely bloody furious would come closer to describing the mood my gut was in the day before and for a good long while afterwards....

Interestingly, it appears that people who have bi-polar disorder often also have migraines and/or IBS.  Obviously, 'mental' health is not so 'mental' after all... It is strongly linked to our physical selves and it is only in our western medical habits that we separate everything in tidy little boxes. The Hindus and the Chinese (to name but two other medical traditions) have never fallen into that trap.

I am telling you all this because THIS little story is an example of high quality medical care. Rectal insertion and orgasm have never lived in the same galaxy for me (never mind the same street!) but, never the less, I really appreciate the follow-up that ensued my original visit to my GP and the on-going 'making sure' that all is well.

I wish psychiatric follow-up care was of the same quality and I have come to this inevitable conclusion: if  you must have something wrong with you, don't choose your brain - choose your butt!!!!

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