The Observer vs The Visionary

For some reason, I felt attracted to re-read 'Ask and It Is Given' by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Those of you who are familiar with these authors' work on The Law of Attraction will recognise the irony in my statement :0)

This is a book that has the potential to rock the foundations of your understanding about the way the 'world works'. I say "has the potential" because, like all things, we cannot see that to which our eyes are blind, we cannot hear that to which our ears are deaf, and we cannot feel that to which our heart is numb.

I like the book for two main reasons:

  1. A totally intuitive one: what is written feels right. Somewhere, deep inside my consciousness, I already know what the book tells me. I recognise it - and, in order to re-cognise anything, it is obvious that we have to cognise it in the first place. This also feels slightly uncomfortable for me because I am a rational type and a science buff too.
  2. A cast-iron intellectual one: what is written matches the best science has to offer. The description given of our reality in The Elegant Universe by Prof Brian Greene (he teaches theoretical physics at Columbia University, New York) is in full alignment with what is stated in the book: both speak of a vibrational universe, albeit in different languages. You don't get much more vibrational than Super String Theory....

One sentence in the Hicks book struck me with the force of a sudden understanding rooted in the whole of my being, rather than just in my brain. I knew this before and yet it is only this morning that I felt it.

It went something like this: "The Observer feels good in good times and feels bad in bad times. The Visionary thrives in all times".

Like all great truths, this is self-evident when you've come to it. As an Observer, you are like the Mirror that reflects back at you what is happening around you. As a Visionary, you are like the Projector that illuminates from within you that which is happening around you.

No prizes for guessing which one of the Mirror or the Projector is the more powerfully helpful to you. Personally, I'll put my money on the Projector. It doesn't cover up 'reality': on the contrary, it helps you see it more clearly AND, even more importantly, it enables to see past it.

Many people refer to Blind Faith. I have never been comfortable with that - I have always preferred All Seeing Faith.

It is only today that I have truly understood why :0)

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