Melting Our Selves


Facebook is a wonderful thing: postings go from the ridiculous to the sublime and back again. Who would have thought that this kind of internet social network could contribute to our development as a human being, as well of course as providing us with a few good laughs...

One such sublime exchange occurred yesterday concerning the human ego. Here is the thought-provoking statement posted by the **Parallax Partnership:

"Relinquish the idea that things outside yourself will provide security and happiness. This idea creates fear. It arises when we are predominantly ego-led, and is driven by the ego's fear of loss. Our tendency is to attempt to control, manipulate and obscure (often out of conscious awareness) to prevent this happening. Expanding consciousness dissolves the ego, so that we spontaneously live with greater integrity."

The general wisdom is that the ego is a 'bad' thing and that its destruction must preclude spiritual enlightenment. I am not so sure....

I am not sure that we can ever dissolve the ego, nor indeed that it would be a desirable thing to do. Our ego is what enables us to distinguish ourselves from the rest of humanity. That distinction lies at the heart of our capability to take action in this life. In order to function as it is designed to do, our physical heart needs to be tight and strong - if it is enlarged, it looses its power to serve our body well. People with enlarged hearts gradually lose their ability to go anywhere and do anything. I think it is the same for our ego: a tight strong ego serves us well enabling us to learn from our mistakes and keep moving on our life's journey. A large inflated/inflating ego gradually obliterates our connection to others and no longer serves our individual and collective spirit and soul.  It also keeps us trapped in resentment and envy.

My feeling is that dissolving the ego would melt us into collective consciousness. Although this sounds grandly spiritual, it would rob us of our individual power to choose and to act on our choices. Shrinking the ego is not about obliterating it but rather about reducing it, as in the cookery sense of reducing - i.e. concentrating a liquid to make it stronger/more flavoursome. Thus shrunk, the ego exposes the place where we suddenly 'see' our interconnectedness and 'feel' the presence of the collective conscious and unconscious, of God. It isn't so much that an expanding consciousness dissolves the ego but rather that shrinking the ego gives us access to an enlarged consciousness, beyond the limits of our individual dimension (or perhaps the two occur simultaneously :0).

Put differently, I would say that the ego is the fuel to our engine. Our troubles start when it sees itself as the engine, or worse as the car, or worse still as the designer/manufacturer of the car.


How about that! Isn't it good to know that the internet isn't just a highway for porn and conspiracy theories? :oD

** Please note: to view The Parallax Partnership Profile on Facebook you might have to register with Facebook first. Personally, I would encourage anybody to do it. After that, it's up to you what you read and respond to (and no, I am not paid any referrals fees by Facebook!!!)

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