Medical Correspondence

As I had finished writing to my Bi-Polar Depression, I felt another letter knocking at the door of my thinking. As it won't go away, I think it best for me to take action: in order to complete my personal healing correspondence I also need to write a letter to my medication.  So here goes.

Dear Medication

I feel awkward writing to you. We've had a chequered history you and me. I remember how awful it felt for me the first time I was prescribed the same medication I had seen my Dad take for so many years. I fought against you for so long. I associated you with weakness of character for so long. I associated you with defeat for so long. I resented you for so long.

I now know that needing your help is not the result of a weak character but the chemical expression of a lack of self-love.

I now know that you have nothing to do with defeat because only I was responsible for my internal warfare. If anything, you can be a wonderful ally in building lasting inner peace.

I no longer resent you. In fact, I am grateful for you. You are not the cure but you play a vital part in enabling my healing. You help me build the stable chemical foundations on which I can build a meaningful healthy life. You are the construction worker to my architect.

I don't agonise about our future relationship any more. If you are meant to continue offering me your support for the rest of my life: so be it AND I am equally open to a different future. Whatever will be will be. I trust in a higher Will than my own.

Thank you for being my Friend.

Gabrielle xx


Dear Gabrielle

Phew! I am so relieved...  I had given up on ever being your friend. Making an enemy out of me makes it sooo much more difficult for me to help you. Also, it's good to hear that you don't place the burden of responsibility for your healing on me. I can only do what I am designed to do - healing is indeed up to you. I have a sense that we are going to work together even better after this little exchange but please don't think I depend on you - I do lots of chemical work with loads of other people so I won't be too sad if I leave you one day.

See you this evening, usual time?...

Your Medication xx

I must say that this Letter Writing Technique, which I knew about to deal with unfinished/painful business with human beings but had never thought of with intangibles such as illness, has brought me more joy than I ever anticipated.

I never thought that medical correspondence could be so healing :0)

My hubby's sense of humour!

Upon reading my two letters to my illness and to my medication, my hubby said something like "oh no, you're not turning schizophrenic on me!" to which I replied "may be, but at least I'm not paranoid!". I love the fact that we can both laugh at ourselves and at mental illness. After what we have both been through, I treasure our shared silly sense of humour :0)

oh Gabrielle - you are so

oh Gabrielle - you are so wonderfully hysterically funny!

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