'Kick Ass' Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I could not resist sharing with you, my lovely readers, the birthday card my son Greg sent me. You might remember that Greg draws all the wonderful little cartoons you see on this website. In fact, Bi-Polar Girl is his project as much as mine and he has referred to it as the product of our unique personal alchemy :D

I enjoy this drawing because I love the way Bi-Polar Girl looks like a demented Rambo! As always with Greg's work, the delight is in the detail: have you noticed that, as well as two automatic portable 'cannons' and a gun on her back, Bi-Polar Girl is also carrying a knife strapped to her right leg? The piles of discarded cartridges at her feet bear witness to the fire power she is unleashing! 

Energy permitting, I look forward to much "ass kicking" in the months to come!

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