The Great Clear Out

I am in clearing/cleaning mode this week. I suddenly feel the urge to clear my office out. I feel the need to reorganise my books and to re-read them. Considering how many books I own, all that re-reading should keep me busy for a good long while.

As things stand, my office looks a total disaster: I can hardly walk through the door. I am amazed at myself for tolerating all that mess and for taking my time working my way through my decluttering effort. At the same time, I am savouring the fact that I am diving into my office and its contents with a great deal of pleasure. It's not so long ago that I could not physically step inside: I remember standing on the landing, throwing post onto my office floor because walking in had become impossible for me.

As if dealing with my office wasn't enough, I have also 'attacked' my husband's office. Organising paperwork is not his strong point and since his 'secretary' has not done her job over the last two years, there's a lot of paper about! I told him he should sack her but he is giving me a second chance....

Why all that sudden decluttering reorganising activity? Because I have a sense of what I can only describe as 'sweet anticipation'. It's not eager, it's not yearning, it's definitely not desperate - it's sweet. It feels wonderful even if I have no idea of what it is I am anticipating. For the great forward-planner goal-setter that I used to be, this is a strange position to find myself in. I guess it's what we coaches refer to as Working in the Pull, as opposed to Working in the Push.

I have always understood the concept of Working in the Pull but it is only now that I am really experiencing it. Surprisingly, it doesn't mean sitting on my backside doing nothing whilst waiting for something to happen. Rather, it means that I make sure I respond to any urge I feel to do something by doing it there and then. When I don't feel that urge, I rest or do my routine maintenance work.

Working in the Pull is the best antidote to procrastination I have ever encountered. Because the drive is internal, nothing inside wants to stop it. In fact, it's more uncomfortable not giving into this internal drive than it is going with it.

I enjoy this new feeling so much that I feel like a kid with a new toy.

In my clearing/cleaning out activity, my only toy is my vacuum cleaner. Not exactly new but pretty darned effective never the less. I guess you could say that my vacuum cleaner Works in the Pull too :0)

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