Good Hair Day


I have just had my hair cut. I could not stand it any longer. The beautiful stylish (expensive) haircut and colour my mother bought me while I was in France had outgrown its shape. It had started to look like an invasion of the hairy snatchers: hair in my eyes, hair sticking up over my ears, and - my least favourite of all - hair sticking up in my neck.

I am one of those people whose hair grows upwards in their nape. The French refer to this as a 'nuque à chignon'. The closest I could get to it in English would be to call it a ponytail nape. It looks great if you put your hair up. If you have short hair however, it's a real pain in your neck!

My budget being what it is, for a long time now I've had my hair cut around the corner for the price of a man's hair cut. I then apply a colouring shampoo from the good old supermarket up the road. It's a far cry from Parisian style but it works well enough.

There are two things that really get me down, in the every day sense of the word: crummy hair and crummy nails. So long as my hair and my nails look decent, I feel OK. It encourages me to make an effort with make-up and clothes. It even encourages me out of the house.

At first sight, all this cosmetic talk seems superficial. It is superficial but only if it is just an end in itself. As a means to an end though, it takes on some power.

The whole of the cosmetic industry is built on female insecurity. Take that insecurity away, together with the peer pressure that inevitably ensue, and a multi-million pound industry would collapse overnight. Yet, trying to make myself feel better by association never works. Thinking that I will feel better about myself because I am wearing the same deodorant or perfume as some airbrushed celebrity is an illusion of galactic proportions. Thinking that I will feel better about myself by appropriation works a lot better. By doing my hair and putting make-up on, I am not trying to look like anybody else but rather to look more like me. That's the real miracle of the make-over: it reveals the person - it doesn't turn her into a clone of anyone else.

A bad hair day makes me feel bad because I don't look my best. Not being my best is what hurts whether there are other people around or not, whether it is about my hair or my coaching. It's not about being a perfectionist but about wanting to feel fully alive, firing on all cylinders. It's about enjoying what I have and who I am. It's about giving all that I have to give, and receiving all that I am meant to receive.

I have just come out of two consecutive years of bad hair days so it feels good to be messing about with hairdryer and hairbrush again. It's also good not to have 'morning hair' all day.

It feels really  good to have good hair days again :0)

Hubby's Bad Hair Day

This is my lovely hubby. He NEVER has a bad hair day...... but he could have bad eyebrows days if he didn't retain a tight control over his impressive brows! He is convinced that his two eyebrows have been plotting to merge into one for years......

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