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Gabrielle asleep pushing Zs

Yesterday, at about 5.00pm, I ran out of steam. I reached the point where I could do nothing else but rest.  I needed to recharge my battery.

I'd had a good day up unto that point so I did not feel too badly about feeling like 'somebody' had pulled some hidden internal plug and knowing that I had reached the empty reading on my internal dial. I did feel annoyed about one thing though and I took my irritation to bed with me.

That's the point: when I feel tired out like that, I have to go to bed. I must lie down. I cannot rest and recharge sitting up like my husband does. After lunch is his natural daily recharge time because he is an early riser/worker and he needs his nap. Everyday (or almost every day), I watch him go into a deep sleep sitting in his armchair, often with our cat on his lap, and I envy him. Why can't I do that? Why can't I rest & recharge sitting up? It seems such an easy and sensible thing to do. Why do I have to lie down? If I try to stay sitting up, I get a feeling of discomfort in my head that gets worse and worse until it actually starts hurting. It's like my brain has to be at the same level as the rest of my body or else it starts complaining. In other words, I am a Horizontal Recharger - not a Vertical Recharger as my husband is.

So, I have to go to bed - this is not helped by the fact that we have a two-seater settee on which I cannot lie down because it cannot accommodate my length. (As I write this, it occurs to me that "it cannot accommodate my length" is a sentence many of my male friends would no doubt be very happy to utter!!! Oh dear.... I am now thinking of having to go to bed in a totally different context... Cold shower my girl, and back to the subject matter :0)

Yes, so - there I was in bed, my only bed partner being my self-irritation at being a Horizontal Recharger when it is so much more practical and pleasant being a Vertical one. Practical is probably self-evident (not everybody carries a mattress on their back in case they need forty winks during the day!), but why 'pleasant'? That's because I associate being in bed during the day with being ill. I've had three years of this association so you could say that it is well rooted in my mind.... I hate going to bed during the day - there, I said it.

This 'hatred' only serves to make me feel bad on top of being exhausted, and it doesn't take a Nobel Prize in brain power to realise that this is not a 'good thing'. So what could I do to make things 'better' for me? Time to engage in a little self-coaching...

I could not think of a single good thing about being a Horizontal Recharger, so I turned to the power of questions:  What if there were fantastic advantages to being a Horizontal Recharger, what would they be?

Hmmmm....... nothing came to mind for ages. But, as I know only too well, what is important in this life is not necessarily to have all the answers to everything (highly unlikely anyway) but rather to have as many helpful questions as possible. So, I stayed with the question, while lying in bed with my eyes closed, understanding that the more I need the answer to something, the more I am likely to wait for this answer to make an appearance. I could not do anything else anyway so I wasn't exactly wasting time or opportunity :0)

Suddenly, some answers started coming to me:

  • Going to bed signals that I am 'serious' about Resting & Recharging. I am actually creating a time and a space for it, rather than just squeezing it in whilst watching TV. I am allowing my body to guide me, becoming in the process its 'servant', instead of always expecting it to serve me. That's got to be an antidote to being a Physical Idiot.
  • Lying down enables my energy to flow more easily to my head, to my brain, in the same way as we lie down to ease blood circulation to our lower limbs (after an injury or an accident)
  • Being in bed gives me that extra 'Cuddle & Comfort' feeling that is a bonus. It feels so much nicer than just sitting up in a chair, so I feel physically comforted as well as rested.

From now on, I will associate going to bed during the day with Physical Intelligence, Energy Circulation, and Comforting Cuddles.

 Ahhhh... that's so much better, is it not? :0) :0)

G, I'm a day sleeper too,


I'm a day sleeper too, infact I can almost drop when I need it. I am certain this is to do with my depression as I never used to get so exhausted at smple things. I hate it too, but I need it, like I need th meds, and as you once told me - if you have a headache take a pill, if you need a rest, have a sleep.


Day Sleeper

 In a way J, it's good to know there's another Horizontal Recharger out there :0)  You may very well be right when you say "I am certain this is to do with my depression" -  come to think of it, you have made me realise that my own recharging needs have changed with my condition.  Very judicious of you. Thank you.

'Horizontal Recharger'

Our friend B came over yesterday and he dared suggest that 'Horizontal Recharger' could have many dubious interpretations!! Please let me assure you that my own interpretation has never EVER had anything dubious about it in my own mind :0) :0)

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