Cheap Jet Lag

"Do YOU want to know what serious Jet Lag is like without having to fork out for expensive air travel? Easy - I do it every day."

Such was my status update on my Facebook Bi-Polar Girl page and on Twitter too. That's the great thing about all those new fandangled technologies: you can work with them FROM YOUR BED!

Mind you, there's nothing new about working in bed. After all, if Winston Churchill could run a country and wage a war from his bed, there's no reason why I can't run my puny electronic empire from mine. Interestingly, Churchill suffered from depression - he used to refer to it as his black dogs. Were his eccentric working habits in any way related to his depression? You bet.

My eccentric habits are most certainly linked to my Bi-Polar Disorder (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it). I am fond of saying that I have to work with the energy I have when I have it, and this is an accurate statement. I have tried to 'economise' my energy in order to have more in 'reserve' but this works short term only and for small 'projects'. As a way to regulate my energy fluctuations, it sucks - to use the parlance of our time. Going for it recklessly for as long as I possibly get away with it isn't a good idea either. In fact, I did that for so long that I now cannot sustain a high energy for more than a few minutes at a time, half an hour at the very most and on a very good day. So, that sucks too.

And so, as my friend Catherine puts it, I have learnt to Go with the Flow, and Flow with the Go. This new skill of mine does lead to some interesting results:

  • Being regularly woken up by the mail man at 11.00am. I am so woozy that I have to shout at him from the third floor window so that he hasn't given up waiting by the time I have managed to reach the front door. The poor chap looks at my dishevelled doped up appearance with a mixture of horror and pity...
  • Cooking the evening meal at lunch time in case I run out of steam later on. As a result the house smells of food I won't eat for another 8 hours and I can tell you that this confuses the cat!
  • Cleaning the house at 1.00am and feeling VERY frustrated I can't use the vacuum cleaner because that would wake up my dear hubby who happens to live in our UK time zone, unlike me who tends to function in the same time zone as Hong Kong...

Today was interesting: I was awoken at 7.00am by the most violent headache I've had in months (my evening medication is responsible for those nasty waking headaches). Being awake at a 'normal' time was such a shock to my system that I've had to sleep for two hours this afternoon to recover!

It's now dinner time but I am already in breakfast mode so it'll be interesting to see what I manage to cook up. If I don't manage it, I can always go back to bed :D

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