Birthday Surprise

Gabrielle listening to Greg'smusic 

This little cartoon is especially precious to me. My son Greg originally drew it when he was still living at home. Most nights, I used to come home and the first thing I did was to listen to his musical creation of the day. Greg started writing songs when he was fourteen years old and he used to accompany himself by playing the keyboard. I loved his music and I still do - perhaps even more so now. I often tell Greg I am his greatest fan :0)

I have now been listening to Greg's music for nearly twenty years. Nowadays, he sends me his latest tunes (I must not refer to them as compositions!) electronically and I am often seen walking around with my MP3 player's headphones stuck in my ears.

Greg does public gigs and I have often bemoaned the fact that geographical distance stops me from attending them.  I never knew that my regret had registered with him.  On my birthday, I found out how much it had.

As I could not go to Greg's gigs, Greg brought a gig to me. He travelled across the width of the country to surprise me on the evening of my birthday and travelled all the way back the next morning because he had a public gig that afternoon. Not only that but his wonderful fiancee Rebecca and baby Lilly came up too. How they managed to fit the electronic piano and all the baby stuff in their car, I'll never know!

To make things even better, my lovely hubby roped in all my neighbours, two of whom took me out under some false pretence so that I would not be in the house whilst Greg set up his piano. I opened the door to the front room and there he was, with Rebecca, Lilly and all the neighbours. It was such a wonderful surprise that I thought my heart would stop - in fact,  it skipped a few beats! Even now, I can hardly believe that it happened....I am so very lucky :0)

It is interesting for me to observe how my system reacted to this extraordinary gift: I could not sleep that night (in spite of the knock-out effect of the medication I take in the evening!) and I have felt wiped out ever since. This afternoon, I even went back to sleep. It seems that high emotion - bad or good - really burns my energy. My psychiatrist told me recently that mood and energy fluctuations are OK (normal) - it's the amplitude of that fluctuation I need to watch.

I have also observed what a high level of energy I feel after coaching a client. This is probably why I used to do up to eight coaching sessions a day! Nowadays, I make sure I let my energy souffle deflate before I spend any more energy. In other words, I have come to understand that when there is a high, there is a low (and vice-versa). I watch myself like a hawk so that I stay well clear of the seductive spell of my high energy. I only use it as any volatile fuel: with a high safety consciousness.

My fantastic birthday surprise taught me something else: even something that feeds my heart and makes my soul sing can burn me energy-wise. A bit like the sun I guess..... but like all of us I could not live without its light and its warmth.

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