Bi-Polar Girl: An Irreverent Look at Bipolar Disorder

This is the Bi-Polar Girl story. It describes the slow destructive climb followed by the long downhill road that eventually brought me to the massive breakdown I experienced at the beginning of 2005.

It is meant to be read in three ways:

  1. EITHER the reader is too unwell to read and process text (I have been there) so the book tells the story in bright little cartoons known as emoticons - i.e. simple line drawings that communicate and elicit an emotional response
  2. OR the reader is able to read and process text, so the story is also told in short sentences written in straightforward language. Writing such a HUGE experience in such short text format was tentamount to "capturing the ocean in a thimble" as my son put it.
  3. OR the reader is well enough to engage in self-reflection so the story also asks carefully constructed questions that enable the Bi-Polar Girl story to become the reader's story.

As the introduction to the book says, this little book was born from a desire to bring a smile in the waiting rooms of psychiatric clinics and hospitals.

The book does not contain any information about Bi-Polar Disorder as such because there are plenty of places where that information is available (see Resources). The only thing I felt I could contribute to the understanding of Bi-Polar Disorder was my own personal experience with my own individual version of the illness.

May you indeed find your way back to laughter.

You can purchase this uplifting yet informative little book at on clicking on the graphic below: